Monday, September 10, 2007

Eat breakfast at Joe's Coffee Shop

If you've never understood the San Francisco obsession with crepe places and expensive brunches, and have also whined about the lack of cheap diners in this city, then hop on the bike and ride to Joe's.

A breakfast of eggs, meat, hash browns and toast can be had for less than five dollars. A buck or so more for an omelet. Other American/Italian/standard lunch offerings not much more than that.

This is the place you've been wishing for all those weekend mornings you've woken up with more pain in your head than cash in your pocket.

Joe's is located in the Richmond, on the north side of Geary, between 25th and 26th. It closes daily at 3PM.

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Anonymous said...

what about jim's restaurant at mission and 21st? cheap food and they even serve real hash browns!