Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Take a class at City College

You recently received word that your Peace Corps application was accepted and that you'll be spending the next two years in China/Mali/Honduras developing techniques for sustainable small-scale agriculture/building small-town medical clinics/"facilitating a program of microlending to underserved indigenous peoples" (this last bit is the wording you'll use on your B-school application).

However, your Mandarin/French/Spanish is not up to par. Short of engaging in regular, non-procreative intercourse with the Taiwanese/Quebecois/Peruvian guy upstairs, what do you do?

Check out the course offerings at CCSF, of course.

With departments ranging from Architecture to Journalism to Theatre Arts to Aircraft-Maintenance Technology to Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies, opportunities abound for anything from the brush-up to the total makeover at only 20 bucks a unit (for California residents).

So come on, set your inner dilettante free and take that photography class you've been dreaming about ever since you last redesigned your myspace page.

City College of San Francisco has 11 campuses spread throughout the city. Information about registering is available here. CCSF was founded in 1935 and, in 1989, established the first gay, lesbian, and bisexual studies department in the United States. The theater at the Ocean Campus features a mural by Diego Rivera. Notable alumni include:

(Danny Glover)

(O.J. Simpson)


(Bill Bixby, star of the 1970s TV show The Incredible Hulk).

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