Friday, August 10, 2007

Spend a day on BART

No, I'm not kidding.

Why not ride the entirety of the public transit system that was named the #1 transit system in America--in the ">30 million annual passenger trips" category--by the prestigious American Public Transportation Association?

Weekend or weekday, you're bound to find something interesting on BART. Take a book, a pad of paper and a pen, your thoughts, some light refreshments and a switchblade to deter the crazies and get on at the station of your choice.

Never seen Fremont? Always wondered what Concord looked like? Colma? For the low price of $4.65 you've got three (or more--ask your station agent) hours to tour all 104 miles that BART has to offer--without exiting any stations--before returning to the station where your adventure began.

For a fascinatingly detailed look at the history of BART, go here. For those wanting more dates and less narrative, here is a 74-page chronology of the birth of BART. And here is information relating to everything bike on the BART system, just in case you can't stifle that urge to get off and see all that Dublin has to offer.

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Darin said...

even better - get off one stop down the line (not that big of a deal if you get on/off pretty much anywhere in SF, Oakland, or Berkeley) and pay only $1.50.