Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Read part of Oh the Glory of It All

Written by the stepson of the high-society queen most notable for spearheading the fund-raising drive responsible for the construction of the new de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park, this sometimes-funny tell-all is worth a read for those who follow the local gossip columns.

But in the interest of saving you fifteen bucks that might otherwise go towards the overweight-suitcase fee on your flight out of town, I recommend going to your nearest book store and reading pages 313-320 of the paperback edition with the white cover, black lettering and pretty gray-image overlay. It looks like this:

This 8-page snippet is a great account of the 1906 earthquake and resulting fire written in a style weaving the lives of the book's characters int0 the context of greater historical events (sort of like Midnight's Children).

Remember, it's never too late to learn something about the town you're leaving.

Oh the Glory of It All is written by Sean Wilsey, who's the stepson of Dede Wilsey, who sounds like a real bitch if you read the whole book. The de Young Museum is the copper-clad building in Golden Gate Park. Here is an article about the lady and the book.

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